Papa Java Dark Roast

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Customer Reviews

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Dennis Hanson
Dark & Delicious

It is by far the smoothest dark roast I have ever enjoyed. It has a rich creamy flavor and I can't wait to wake up in the morning and have a cup.

Lindley Lehman
Grandfather Approved

My Grandfather had just poured a cup of keurig coffee while I was grinding the Papa Java beans. He took a sip of the pod water and winced saying, “this taste sour!” I assured him the cup I was making would cure his taste buds. He read the bag and chuckled at the “Stay Perky” slogan. I explained the beans were roasted locally in house and he couldn’t believe it. I poured his cup and he took the first sip. You could see the smile building on his face as the joy of a real fresh cup filled his belly. He exclaimed, “Now that is a real cup of Joe!”

Kelli Lawton

I don’t usually like dark roast coffee. After reading the description of the Papa Java dark roast, I was intrigued. So glad I decided to buy a bag, it is so smooth. Definitely an A+ for me.

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