Pinup Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee roaster driven by passion and integrity. It is our company’s mission to bring people together over great coffee, from the farmers to the drinkers, and rid the notion of exclusivity around incredible coffee.

At Pinup Coffee Co. we take time to find high-quality specialty coffee, get to know how it was grown, and roast it to uncover its unique qualities. Starting with high-quality green coffee is the only way to make stellar roasted coffee for you to grind and brew at home.

We craft our coffees with you in mind by finding specialty coffees that fit your tastes, knowing that there isn’t a "one size fits all" to our morning cups. Coffee is a widely consumed drink, and it should be celebrated as being uniquely you. You can taste different roast levels and flavor profiles that you enjoy, and do it with style!

Our coffees are analyzed, tested, and roasted to ensure that we bring out the best of what each lot has to offer; and we are reminded that what we drink on a daily basis, can – and should be – better for all.

Coffee blends to fall in love with, single origins to explore, and limited release coffees to celebrate. Hand-crafting coffees for all to enjoy is the foundation of Pinup Coffee Co.


Great coffee shouldn’t be out of reach, it also shouldn’t sit on a grocery store shelf for months on end. We believe in craftsmanship and genuine relationships through coffee. A beverage most of us drink every day, and drink a lot of, should be accessible and transparent. Coffee and craftsmanship inspire creativity and togetherness, we need more of that, and less of coffee served with snobbery.


The vision of our coffee company was formulated long ago by founder and head roaster, Stephanie Wein. All it took was a frozen, ultra-sweet coffee drink in the early 2000’s to spark a love and passion for all things coffee. Inspiration came from the era of vibrant, tattoo-style pin-ups and the strength and freedom that motivated that art; we want to bring that feeling of camaraderie and openness to coffee.

Working with a local cider company in the Pacific Northwest for six years inspired a passion for all things craft; and a respect for locally made products throughout the community. We learned that when you respect the ingredients, the process, and strive to be transparent about your products, it promotes connection and relationships throughout the chain.

After serving in the US Navy for six years (with a coffee always in hand) and several more locally roasted coffees to try at home, the tucked-away vision of Pinup Coffee Co came to fruition. Bryce Wein, co-founder, excitedly jumped in to handle logistics and general good vibes. Thanks to help of family, friends, and the rapid growth of Pinup Coffee lovers, we’ve started a new tradition of truly incredible coffee.

Our coffee company now thrives with the same name, vision, and passion that was created 16 years ago. We implement constant research, experimentation, and industry involvement to grow our craft. Today, our coffees are small-batch roasted on a Probat P12 by Specialty Coffee Association trained roasters, who are pros at unlocking the flavor potential of each coffee. Pinup Coffee Co. is a member of the SCA and the Coffee Roaster’s Guild.

100% Specialty Coffee


We use a dedicated blend of specialty grade arabica coffee; roasted and blended to perfection. Everything we do, we do with purpose. This cold brew concentrate is crafted to be incredibly smooth and delicious time and time again. Brewed cold for a full 24 hours, and never watered-down, mix it with ice and water for the ultimate iced coffee experience!

Cold brew concentrate is available by 32 ounce bottle during store pick up hours and at local markets!

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