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How long have you guys been around?

Pinup Coffee Co. started selling coffee locally in October of 2021 after years of study and practice. The owners were both active-duty military when they launched the business. Sales quickly took off thanks to our excited local supporters, and we were able to open our roastery and online store in August of 2022.

Do you roast your own coffee?

Yes! Our founder, Stephanie, is a Specialty Coffee Association trained roaster. Every coffee we receive goes through a profiling period, to refine the roast to allow for the best possible qualities and to showcase the coffee’s origin. We get our coffees from suppliers who have clear, traceable relationships with farmers. We know exactly where our coffees come from, how they were grown, and we support paying fair wages to farmers for their work.

When do you roast?

We typically roast on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and ship coffees out that same week. Online orders are shipped Monday through Friday, and wholesale orders are delivered or shipped in 24-48 hours.

How do I learn about the new coffees?

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom of our site! We don't email too often, and when we do, it's for new coffee releases and sales.

You'll also find new coffee information on our Instagram page, @pinupcoffeeco

Which coffee should I use for espresso?

Our signature blend Tail Wind has been expertly curated to provide a rich and delicious espresso shot. It's great on its own, and provides a full and creamy backbone for milk-based drinks.

It's also the top pick for our cafe partners as their espresso blend!

Are your coffees Fair Trade or Organic?

Many of our coffees are FT, organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified! We only buy coffees that are traceable to the source, often to the specific farm and farmer. This transparency is how farmers are most rewarded for their crop and allows them to continually improve quality and growing conditions. Specialty coffee is grown at higher altitudes than commodity grade, and processed more carefully. The growing conditions for specialty coffee include shade / rainforest areas, and we use coffees from farmers who encourage forests, not cut them down. We are diligent about always keeping at least one women-produced coffee in stock, and have several personal relationships with women farming groups.

How do I brew my coffee better?

There are many factors at play when brewing a cup of coffee. Grind size, roast level, coffee to water ratio, and filter used can change how the final cup tastes. Focus on the important things like grinding coffee fresh to a consistent, appropriate size, and start with the correct ratios for your brew method. Remember that coffee is for you, so feel free to customize your ratio to your preference. 

Rinse paper filters before adding coffee, and consider a slightly larger grind size for mesh filters. Use water just off the boil, but don’t worry about exact temperatures (this has been shown to have a minimal effect on the cup).

How long is coffee fresh for?

If kept whole bean and ground just before use, coffee beans can stay fresh for months. It is important to keep coffee in an airtight container away from light and humidity. Coffee does benefit from resting for 3-14 days after roasting to allow for offgassing of CO2. Peak freshness is within 3 weeks of roasting, although coffee will still be delicious for up to 3 months past roast date. Still safe to consume up to 6 months after roast date if the bag is unopened.

If we grind your coffee for you, the increased surface area of the coffee will cause the coffee to stale faster. It is important to keep the bag closed and away from light, and best to use fresh ground coffee within a few days. However, the benefits of us grinding coffee to a consistent grind size far outweighs the results from blade grinders (uneven, obliterated grinds will affect the final cup).

Why is specialty coffee more expensive?

There are several reasons why specialty coffee is more expensive than regular (commodity) coffee. One of the main reasons is the quality of the beans. Specialty coffee is made from high-quality Arabica beans, which are grown in specific regions with ideal climates and soil conditions, and traceable to the source. These beans are hand-picked to ensure only the best ones are used, which is a labor-intensive process. Specialty coffee is priced higher than the C price based on quality, certications, and country.

Another reason for the higher price of specialty coffee is the roasting and analysis process. Specialty coffee is usually roasted in small batches by experts who carefully monitor the roast to bring out the unique flavors and aromas of the beans. This process requires a lot of skill, time, and attention to detail.

Finally, the price of specialty coffee can also be attributed to the overall quality of the cup of coffee. Specialty coffee is known for its unique and complex flavors, which are the result of the beans, roasting process, and brewing method. This quality is unmatched with regular coffee, which is why specialty coffee is well worth higher price.


What are the different coffee subscriptions I can get?

-Signature Blend Subscription: Easily subscribe to your favorite blend by selecting the “subscribe and save” option before adding to your cart. You can select between a monthly delivery or every other week. Select your bag size and whole bean or ground coffee.

-Roasters’ Choice Subscription: This is a surprise selection of our freshest roast. It can be a blend, a single origin, or a limited release coffee. A great way to try the newest coffees!

-Rotating Single Origin: This subscription is perfect if you’d like to explore the different flavors of coffee from around the world. Each single origin coffee is roasted to bring out the best qualities of the lot;  these can vary in roast level, processing method, and growing region.

How much is shipping for subscriptions?

We will charge the current carrier rate for your shipment. You’ll still get 10% off every order, and earn rewards points that you can apply towards future purchases!

How do I manage my subscription?

In your confirmation email, you will receive a link to view and edit your subscription. You can also view your subscription by logging into your account and going to Subscriptions at the top menu. You can pause a subscription, cancel, or reschedule a payment.

Can I customize my coffee subscription?

YES! You can customize the frequency of your subscription.

First, sign up for either the biweekly or monthly subscription, then send us an email about changing your frequency. We can ship your coffee every 15 days, 20 days, 6 weeks, or whatever you like! You do need to have an active subscription for us to customize it.

Email to get your coffee subscription set up how you like it.

Tell me about the coffee gift subscriptions.

These subscriptions are the perfect way to give the gift that keeps on givin'. It's exactly the same as our regular subscription, except instead of a recurring charge, you only get charged once for the entire length of the subscription. Shipping will be calculated at the current carrier rate.

You can get the Single Origin coffee subscription, or the Roasters Choice, in subscription lengths of 3 months, 6 months, or one year.


What products are eligible for rewards points?

All products are eligible to earn rewards points! Points are accumulated by placing an order, you’ll get 10 points for every $50 spent. You’ll also get 25 bonus points for subscribing to our email list, and an additional 25 points for creating your rewards account!

How do I get my rewards?

After you collect 100 points, you’ll receive a 15% discount code for your next purchase. Sign up for your rewards account and our email list, and you’re already halfway there! 

Log into your account on the site and navigate to the Rewards widget on the bottom right of the screen. If you have any discount codes, they will appear here and you can apply them to your order. This code cannot be combined with other discount codes or used on subscriptions.

Do my points expire?

Points expire one year from the date you earned them.

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