Choose Your Coffee

Subscribe to your favorite blend, explore single origin coffees, or get adventurous with Roasters Choice. Customize your delivery frequency and you’ll always have fresh roasted coffee on deck.

Save & Earn

Have coffee ready at home 24/7 by customizing your bag size and shipping schedule. Plus, get 10% off your coffee for every order! And rack up those sweet reward points for discounts to share (or keep for yourself, we don’t blame you).

Never Go Without Coffee

Enjoy automatic delivery of your Pinup Coffee favorites and know you’ll always have the good stuff waiting at home. 

Subscription FAQs


What are the different subscriptions I can get?

-Signature Blend Subscription: Easily subscribe to your favorite blend by selecting the “subscribe and save” option before adding to your cart. You can select between a monthly delivery or every other week. Select your bag size and whole bean or ground coffee.

-Roasters’ Choice Subscription: This is a surprise selection of our freshest roast. It can be a blend, a single origin, or a limited release coffee. A great way to try the newest coffees!

-Rotating Single Origin: This subscription is perfect if you’d like to explore the different flavors of coffee from around the world. Each single origin coffee is roasted to bring out the best qualities of the lot;  these can vary in roast level, processing method, and growing region.

How much is shipping for subscriptions?

We will charge the current carrier rate for your shipment. You’ll still get 10% off every order, and earn rewards points that you can apply towards future purchases!

How do I manage my subscription?

In your confirmation email, you will receive a link to view and edit your subscription. You can also view your subscription by logging into your account and going to Subscriptions at the top menu. You can pause a subscription, cancel, or reschedule a payment.

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