About our coffee programs

Finding good coffee changed our lives, and we hope it changes yours too. We are grateful to all of the hard-working specialty coffee farmers who devote their work every day to growing and producing the worlds’ best coffee, and for sharing it with us roasters. At Pinup Coffee Co, we bring in coffees that we believe in, and use detailed roasting and blending practices to craft incredible coffees for everyone. From our signature blends to our single origin coffees, our coffee program will help you create outstanding coffee and drinks to invigorate all those who try it. As SCA trained roasters and active industry members, we are proud to make coffee better for all, and to share it with you.



Cafes / Restaurants

We roast in small batches to ensure quality and consistency, and to bring out the unique characteristics of each origin. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our coffees. We are passionate about developing relationships with our customers and providing exceptional service as a trusted partner. Finding the best blend for your cafe, and dialing in the brew; we strive to be more than just a supplier.


Our team will work with you to select the perfect coffees for your store that will keep customers coming back. Our blends offer a target flavor profile to appeal to even novice coffee lovers, and our bag design is bright and memorable. There is something at Pinup for every customer to love!

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Custom Design / Office Gifting / Military Coffee

Contact us to get started on a custom project or to get the best specialty coffee pricing for your squadron.


We provide in-depth tasting and quality service ensuring that your coffee program is running smoothly. We have staff available to answer any questions you have about our coffee program, and provide support with troubleshooting and brewing tips. We also offer in-person events at the roastery to foster relationships within the community and to enjoy great coffee together.


Equipment can be provided from our trusted partners La Marzocco, Simonelli, Mahlkonig, Mazzer, and Toddy

We have a certified SCA Hydraulic, Electrical, Water and Preventative Maintenance Technician in-house to help with your equipment and servicing needs!

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