A Holiday coffee blend is something that many people look forward to throughout the year. It’s usually roasted darker (or super dark at some places) and is meant to provide a full-bodied, comforting cup during family gatherings or used as gifts.

But that’s about all that every Holiday blend has in common.

Truth be told, a Holiday blend or Holiday coffee is a unique offering that is curated by the company or roaster. It can be anything. Some choose to roast any old coffee super dark; meant to stand up with milk, eggnog, or have added flavorings. Some choose a certain origin of coffee with subtle notes that remind us of the season, and some choose to craft a blend to target certain flavor profiles. And some stick with their “recipe” for the long haul in the name of consistency.

For a coffee lover or someone who’s just hard to buy for; a Holiday coffee is the perfect gift. 

  • Festive packaging
  • Seasonal and limited
  • Pairs well with a mug or pour over set

What does Holiday coffee taste like?

You can usually expect a medium to full-bodied coffee. Something that stands up well on its own or with cream and sugar; and has a warm and inviting taste. Many coffee roasters flavor their coffee with oil sprays such as cinnamon, pumpkin, fruit, or vanilla. Some coffee roasters take their blend very dark, with no particular methodology.

Specialty coffee roasters, however, are roasting coffee to showcase each one’s inner qualities, so our roasts are tailored to highlight certain notes. That means no added flavors, and a roast profile that fits each coffee best.

Holiday coffee blends (with no flavoring added) are usually aiming for notes of chocolate, spice, caramel, or fruitcake and desserts.

Roasters will find and sample an array of different coffees, then blend them in different ratios to hit the target profile for their Holiday coffee. Usually aiming for a complex, low-acidity cup, oftentimes you may see Central American or Indonesian coffees in these blends.

Approaching a seasonal blend

Coffee is after all, a crop. Each region has its own harvest season, and even the same lots of coffee can vary in taste from year to year. So if we used a chocolatey Mexico micro-lot and a bold Sumatran one year, it would taste different the next. 

That’s what makes blending such a tedious yet rewarding task. The end goal, craft a cup of coffee that is smooth, rich, and inviting.

Pinup Coffee Co’s Holiday Blend

With our Holiday Blend, we aim for notes of chocolate, caramel, and a bit of spice. No notes of fruitcake here! Instead, our goal for the coffee is to remind you of a fresh brownie or snickerdoodle cookie. A medium-dark roast level decreases the acidity while still allowing the tasting notes of each coffee to come forward. It’s also perfect if you like to add cream and sugar.

Achieving the ideal coffee takes a lot of trial and error, and we can almost guarantee that the coffees we include will change each year. That is the fun part of crafting something with passion! And why we’re so proud to share this incredible coffee with you every season.

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