A specialty coffee roaster in Virginia Beach, Virginia; we are making a new tradition of truly special coffee.

The Story of Pinup Coffee Co. began in 2021 with a small roaster and a thirst for better coffee.

If you’re in Hampton Roads, you may have run into us at local markets and events around Virginia. Our humble beginnings at the East Beach Farmers Market allowed us to introduce our lifelong passion for all things craft. After years of experimentation, research and practice, we opened our roastery at 544 Central Drive in Virginia Beach.

Respecting the ingredients, the process, and the outcome is how we went from a tiny shop roaster to a local craft favorite. When something is made with passion, we can taste the difference in the cup and on our plates; that’s why boring, mass-produced goods have become a thing of the past. We’re starting a new tradition of better coffee, and we’re proud to go on this mission together.

As Specialty Coffee Association trained roasters, we pride ourselves on our values of genuine connection, craft industry involvement, and traceable specialty coffee. Everyone deserves better coffee, and we’re here to bring it to you!

What Craft Means to Us

  • It means we commit ourselves to quality and transparency. Knowing where our coffee comes from and understanding each one’s unique potential allows producers to be more appreciated for their own craft.
  • We believe better coffee is for everyone. High grade specialty coffee is what we all deserve. We strive to create blends that work for all, celebrating your unique tastes and honoring your style.
  • Roasting in small batches allows us to carefully monitor the outcome of each coffee to unlock the potential within. You will know your coffee has been carefully roasted by a person with passion, not a giant machine turning out burnt beans.
  • We aim to inspire genuine relationships throughout the chain. From the growers to the drinkers, we can celebrate and enjoy every bit of our morning cup, together!

Pinup Coffee Co. is owned and operated by veterans and active duty service members

We are proud of what we do and how we do it. Our passion for craftsmanship is about much more than just creating better tasting, healthier coffee. For us it’s about about bringing vibrance to the lives of each person involved. We roast our specialty coffee with care to showcase each coffee’s incredible flavor, and we love to share the good vibes with local tastings, events, and gatherings!

So come on over and let’s enjoy a cup together while we celebrate people, locally roasted coffee, and our community.

From single origin and limited releases, to blends named after WWII aircraft pin-up art; grabbing a bag or two of Pinup coffee reminds us that the good stuff is waiting at home!

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email or message us on Instagram!

Cheers to better coffee -PCC

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